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Consumer Communications

We are committed in promoting a responsible drinking culture and moderate drinking in all of our operations. Open and responsible communications to consumers is a prerequisite for our operations, in addition to product safety.

We want to promote moderate use of alcohol and other beverages. Product safety plays a key role in our manufacturing. By product safety, we mean the safety of the product content, as well as the safety of the product throughout its life cycle. The product must not be harmful to consumers’ health in any way.

In addition to product safety, great-tasting products that have been produced sustainably and better meet consumers’ expectations are crucial for our long-term success.

Our focuses


We guide consumers to enjoy our products responsibly and in moderation. To promote the development of a responsible drinking culture we have developed and diversified our range of non-alcoholic products, for example. Read more





Clear provision of product information is the core of responsible consumer information. With the help of product labelling, every product can also be traced all the way from raw materials to shops. Read more




Marketing plays a key role in ensuring sustainability. We are committed to responsible product advertising and marketing based on guidelines. Read more




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