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Responsible procurement

In addition to increasing sustainability, we are improving the transparency and traceability of procurement. It is important to us that the raw materials and packaging materials we use, as well as the products made from the raw materials, meet the demands and expectations of our customers and consumers, in addition to our own requirements and expectations.

We choose responsible suppliers of raw materials and other materials. To promote sustainability in our industry, we seek to cooperate closely with them.

The Group-wide procurement principles and operating models are defined in our procurement policy. At the end of 2021, Olvi Group had 344  suppliers of raw materials and packaging materials. Olvi Group regularly audits its suppliers.

Our partners commit to compliance with our ethical operating methods. Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Partners is based on the Group’s Code of Conduct. By the end of 2021, the Code of Conduct had been signed by 95.9% of our contract partners for raw materials and packaging materials.