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It is important for us to work in close co-operation with the local community and give our contribution to developing its vitality. We want to give local influencing and its development a more central role in our operations. In 2023, we aim to further define local presence and its focus at both the company and the Group level.

We operate in small districts where the image of a responsible employer and the financial significance of our business operations are highlighted even further. Our local presence can be seen and is realised in many different ways in our operations. When possible, we choose local partners and we support our local communities by using local materials in our products.

We employ a considerable number of people directly or indirectly. In 2022, Olvi Group had 2,335 employees. We employ people indirectly in agriculture, packaging and logistics, for example. We are planning on a report on the amounts and impacts of indirect employment at the Group level.

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