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Promoting the circular economy

Key themes of the circular economy include reusing waste material and recycling material fraction streams. Through reuse, completely new applications can be found for waste material. Material recycling includes sorting and recycling materials from production, reusing side streams and recycling end products. It is also important to use resources as efficiently as possible.

Ensuring the recyclability and eco-friendliness of materials is an essential part of product development. In packaging materials, we aim to reduce especially our use of plastic, as well as finding alternative and recyclable materials. Olvi group reduced the use of virgin plastic almost 1 000 000 kg with the use of short-neck bottle and recycled plastic in selected packages during 2022. We participate in a variety of research projects which promote the use of sustainable packaging solutions.

We monitor the volumes of the material fractions generated. We monitor the volumes of the material fractions generated. In 2022, the volume of mixed waste generated in the Group declined the lowest level ever. Its volume relative to litres produced also continued to decline. We continue to develop and improve sorting in all Group companies.

The Group companies’ by-products include spent grain and excess yeast, which we deliver for use as farm animal feed or for biogas production. All our products are packaged in recyclable containers – some of them are washed and refilled, some are recovered as material.

We work actively in local associations for developing the recycling systems for beverage packages. Effective deposit systems for beverage packages already exist in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Denmark.

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