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Olvi in brief

Olvi is a Finnish beverage company, which wants to offer beverage enjoyment for its consumers. Olvi has already produced beverages since 1878 in Iisalmi. Currently the company operates locally in Finland, Belarus, the Baltic states and Denmark.

Olvi in brief

  • Parent Company Olvi plc was founded in 1878
  • Net sales in 2020 414,9 MEUR
  • Number of employees 1,911 located in 5 countries.
  • The Olvi A share is quoted on the Main List of the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd.
  • The figures are based on the 2020 financial statements.

Group structure


Olvi Oyj (1878)
  • 31% of sales volume (244.4 mltr)
  • 42% of net sales (180.3 meur)
  • 40% of operating profit (23.0 meur)
  • 389 employees


AS A.Le Coq (1807)
  • 14% of sales volume (109.4 mltr)
  • 17% of net sales (70.8 meur)
  • 23% of operating profit (13.3 meur)
  • 324 employees


A/S Cesu Alus (1590)
  • 9% of sales volume (70.9 mltr)
  • 9% of net sales (37.4 meur)
  • 6% of operating profit (3.6 meur)
  • 193 employees


Volfas Engelman (1853)
  • 15% of sales volume (122.4 mltr)
  • 12% of net sales (55.5 meur)
  • 7% of operating profit (4.2 meur)
  • 240 employees


OAO Lidskoe Pivo (1876)
  • 31% of sales volume (245.7 mltr)
  • 20% of net sales (83.3 meur)
  • 24% of operating profit (13.6 meur)
  • 765 employees


A/S Bryggeriet Vestfyen (1885)
  • Part of Olvi Group since 1 September 2021


Olvi creates positive and enjoyable beverage experiences


Local presence
Customer focus


Olvi Group focuses on developing and organically growing its current multi-beverage business, as well as on enabling non-organic growth.

We are strengthening profitable growth and our market position with innovative, demand-driven products in selected markets – with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and new growth opportunities in current and new markets.

Strategic choices

  • Strong market position and an evolving wide product portfolio in alcoholic and non-alcoholic products
  • Motivated, learning-oriented and highly competent employees
  • Demand-driven and innovative product development
  • Continuous development of efficiency
  • Customer-oriented and data-driven decision-making
  • Profitable growth
  • Leading sustainability practices in the brewing and beverage industry
  • Digital development and innovative use of data
  • Synergies within the Group


The preferred brewery, which offers a wide selection of beverages

Story of Olvi Oyj

In 1878 Master Brewer William Gideon Åberg and his wife Onni founded a brewery in Iisalmi for the purpose of fighting drunkenness. In the spirit of the author Zacharias Topelius, they wanted to offer milder alternatives to citizens possessed by a lust for spirits. At that time, there were some 78 breweries in Finland. Olvi is the only one left in independent Finnish ownership.

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Olvi Oyj käyttää evästeitä käyttäjäkokemuksen parantamiseen. Jatkamalla selaamista hyväksyt tietosuoja- ja evästekäytäntömme. Lue lisää

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