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Olvi’s strengths in the market environment

Key change factors

  • Eco- and health-conscious consumers
  • Craft and uniqueness
  • Premium- and budget-priced products on the rise, overall demand for alcohol decreasing
  • Biggest opportunities for growth in Belarus
  • Store brands becoming significantly more common
  • New players and M&As are common in the competitive arena
  • Changes in legislation and taxation
  • Moderate economic growth and purchasing power in other Olvi operating countries

Olvi’s strengths in the market environment

  1. Management model brings agility to decision making
  2. Strong local brands and market shares
  3. Ownership base brings stability
  4. Diverse product portfolio and innovative product development
  5. Expert personnel
  6. Domesticity – products for local markets, local raw materials and production
  7. Nordic location: clean water, cultivation opportunities
  8. Focus on and commitment to selected markets
  9. Efficient production capacity and delivery reliability
  10. Production capacity optimisation

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