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Risks and risk management


Risk management

Risk management is a part of Olvi Group’s everyday management and operations. The objective of risk management is to ensure the realisation of the company’s strategy and secure its financial development and the continuity of business. The task of risk management is to operate proactively and create operating conditions in which business risks are managed comprehensively and systematically in all of the Group companies and all levels of the organisation.

Business risks and uncertainties in the near term

The most substantial factor hampering the predictability of Olvi Group’s business relates to Belarus and its economic and political outlook for the next few years. Furthermore, changes in the Russian economy may impose challenges on the Belarusian operating environment.

Operations in Belarus involve foreign exchange risks arising from the cash flows of purchases and sales in foreign currency, as well as the investment in the Belarusian subsidiary and the conversion of its income statement and balance sheet items into euro. The Group’s other foreign exchange risks can be considered minor.

Other short-term risks and uncertainties are related to development of the general economic circumstances, changes in the competitive situation, as well as the impacts these may have on the company’s operations. In addition to the risks described above, there have been no significant changes in Olvi Group’s business risks. A more detailed description of the risks is provided in the Board of Directors’ report and the notes to the financial statements, as well as in the Investors/Corporate Governance section of the company’s Web site.




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