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Olvi plc´s Board of Directors

Administration of the company and the appropriate organisation of its operations is the duty of the Board of Directors, which shall include at least four (4) and at most six (6) members. The members of the Board of Directors shall be evaluated and elected for one year at a time at the Annual General Meeting of Olvi plc. The Board shall elect a Chairman and a Vice Chairman from amongst its members. The Managing Director is not a member of the Board of Directors.

The names of the candidates for Board members and their personal details are published on the company’s Web site together with the notice to convene the General Meeting.

A minimum of 11 to 12 Board meetings shall be convened annually. If necessary, a meeting can be conducted over the telephone. The Board of Directors is responsible for the duties prescribed in the Limited Liability Companies Act and the company’s Articles of Association. The Board monitors the development of the company’s business operations on the basis of monthly reports and other material provided by the company’s management.

The members of the Board are Pentti Hakkarainen, Nora Hortling, Lasse Heinonen, Elisa Markula, Juho Nummela and Päivi Paltola. Intorduction of the members of the Board


Audit Committee –  Lasse Heinonen, Nora Hortling and Juho Nummela.
Remuneration Committee – Pentti Hakkarainen, Elisa Markula and Päivi Paltola.

Rules of Procedure:
Procedure of the Audit Committee 2022
Procedure of the People and Sustainability Committee

Performance evaluation of the Board of Directors

To ensure the efficiency of Board work, the Board of Directors carries out annual self-evaluation of its operations and working methods. In 2020 and 2021, the evaluation was carried out by an external evaluator.

The members of Olvi plc’s Board of Directors shall represent diversified knowledge and skills, including industry knowledge, and possess a variety of professional backgrounds in a way that allows work and international experience, different ages and genders to support and supplement each other for the good of the company’s business and to increase shareholder value. In addition to the competence required for the position, anyone to be elected a Board member shall have the possibility to devote a sufficient amount of time to attending to the duties.

A legal person, a minor, anyone under guardianship or with restricted legal competency, bankrupt or banned from doing business cannot be elected a Board member.

Board meetings in 2021

The number of meetings during the previous financial period was thirteen (13) meetings.

Attendance of members at meetings in 2021:

Pentti Hakkarainen, Chairman13/13
Hortling Nora, Vice Chairman13/13
Heinonen Lasse, Member12/13
Markula Elisa, Member13/13
Nummela Juho, Member, from 31 March 20218/13
Paltola Päivi, Member 13/13
Sirviö Heikki, Member, until 31 March 20214/13

Remuneration Committee meetings in 2021
(from 28 February 2022 People and Sustainability Committee)

The number of meetings during the financial period was six (6).

Hakkarainen Pentti, Chairman6/6
Markula Elisa6/6
Paltola Päivi, from 31 March 20215/6
Sirviö Heikki, until 31 March 20211/6

Audit Committee meetings in 2021

The number of meetings during the financial period was five (5).

Heinonen Lasse, Chairman5/5
Hortling Nora5/5
Nummela Juho, from 31 March 20214/5
Paltola Päivi, until 31 March 20211/5