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The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2022

The Annual General Meeting of Olvi plc will be held on Wednesday 30 March 2022 at 11:00 am in the Olvi Beer Hall, address Luuniemenkatu 4, Iisalmi, Finland. The Board of Directors of the company has decided on extraordinary meeting procedure by virtue of a temporary law (375/2021) that entered into force on 8 May 2021, in order to contain the spreading of the corona pandemic. This allows the Annual General Meeting to be held in a predictable manner, taking into account the health and safety of shareholders, the company’s personnel and other stakeholders.

The shareholders of the company may participate in the meeting and exercise their shareholder rights only by voting in advance or by proxy.

Shareholders may follow the processing of the meeting decisions and the Managing Director’s review in accordance with the options presented below. Through these means, the company wants to improve its shareholders’ ability to receive information and to meet corporate management also under extraordinary meeting procedure in accordance with a temporary law.

It will not be possible to take part in the official decision-making of the Annual General Meeting online or on site. Decision-making will take place by advance voting as presented in the notice of meeting.

  1. Shareholders may follow the Managing Director’s review and the presentation of the meeting decisions online. The online link can be ordered on 28 March 2022 at the latest by email [email protected] . A recording of the Managing Director’s review will be available on the AGM 2022 web site in connection with the publication of the meeting minutes.
  2. Shareholders have an opportunity to come to the meeting venue for an investor meeting to follow the Managing Director’s review and meet corporate management. We limit the number of participants to 50 to allow safe participation.

Binding registrations for the event by 23 March 2022 at the latest by email [email protected] .
This event is not part of the General Meeting, and it will be held in Finnish.

In the realisation of the event, we shall comply with the corona restrictions and health and safety guidelines valid at each time, and attendees shall commit to compliance upon registration for the event. The event may be cancelled as necessary if required by corona restriction guidelines or other circumstances.

Olvi plc Resolutions of the Annual General Meeting 2022

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Advance voting
Advance voting period has ended 23 March 2022 at 3.00 pm.

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Proxy Document AGM 2022
Advance voting

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