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Creating Value for Stakeholders

Value creation for stakeholders is key for us. The financial and social impacts of our operations are reflected in our operating environment, particularly through employment, tax payments, corporate social responsibility and local presence.

Olvi Group’s positive financial development secures the generation of value to our stakeholders and the communities. We are a growing and developing Group committed to long-term development. We have a strong balance sheet and good profitability. We are also a stable payer of dividends.

Our goal is to increase value creation for stakeholders by focusing on sustainable operational development, which enables the positive development of our financial and share performance to continue.

Our focuses


We employ a considerable number of people directly or indirectly. We endeavour to choose local partners and local raw materials whenever possible. Read more





We pay our taxes and fees in accordance with local legislation in each of the countries where we operate. Read more





Risk management is a part of Olvi Group’s everyday management and operations. Our aim is to ensure the realisation of the strategy and secure financial development and the continuity of business. Read more





Olvi Group creates value for its stakeholders by operating responsibly in society. All Group companies have operating principles for charity and sponsorship. Read more




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