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Ethical Operating Practices

Honest and fair ways of working are an integral part of our values and business operations in all our market areas. Sustainable ways of working are necessary for maintaining trust between Olvi Group and its stakeholders.

We want to maintain our reputation as an honest and trustworthy Group. To ensure the ethical business practices, it is essential that we have up-to-date ethical guidelines and operating models. These determine the basic principles of internal and external ethical business practices.

Our Code of Conduct describes the foundation of our sustainable operations:

  • compliance with the applicable laws and regulations
  • promoting healthy and effective competition and complying with competition regulations in force
  • protecting the tangible and intangible assets of the Group
  • honest and respectful communications to stakeholders
  • timely and reliable information to investors
  • occupational health and safety
  • cleaner environment
  • realisation of equal opportunities
  • respecting human rights
  • zero tolerance towards bribery and corruption
  • operating model to reveal any unethical operations

The Code of Conduct also serves as the basis for the Code of Conduct for Partners, through which we want to make our partners committed to the same principles of responsibility that we are committed to.

Whistle-blowing channel

Since 2018, the Group has had a Whistleblowing channel. The Whistle-blowing channel enables our employees and stakeholders to file a confidential report if they detect non-compliance with our Code of Conduct or values.

The primary way to report suspicion of misconduct within Olvi Group is through the line management or someone in the company management. If this is not possible, you can report the suspicion anonymously through the Whistleblowing reporting channel.

Concerns related to personnel management, including e.g. employment and work community issues, are to be addressed with the local human resources department.