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Main Sustainability Targets

We have determined Group-level key themes, indicators, and main targets for the focus areas. In addition, the Group companies have company-specific focuses and indicators.

In this page, we introduce our long-term main sustainability targets. Targets have been combined to ESG-topcis (Environmental, Social, Governance) and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

More information on our short-term targets and results in Sustainability Report 2023.

Carbon-neutral value chain (E)

  • 2030: Carbon-neutral production plants (Scope 1 & 2)
  • 2030: The entire value chain’s CO2e total emissions -40% vs. 2021 (Scope 1, 2, 3)
  • 2040: Carbon-neutral value chain

Renewable energies (E)

  • 2030: 100% green electricity and 100% renewable energy

Water (E)

  • 2030: Water consumption 2.5 litres per litre produced

Culture of zero accidents (S)

  • 2030: Zero accidents and accident-related absences

Committed personnel (S)

  • 2030: Overall rating of PeoplePower personnel survey AAA

Impactful stakeholder work (E, S)

  • 2025: Impactful stakeholder work with each stakeholder

Sustainable product concepts (E, S)

  • 2030: Sustainable product concepts 100% of the product portfolio

Promoting a responsible drinking culture (E, S)

  • 2025: Measures to promote a responsible drinking culture drinking in each product category

Share of non-alcoholic product sales (E,S)

  • Non-alcoholic products (< 0.5 %) grow faster than other other product categories

Compliance with Code of Conduct (G)

  • 2024: 100% of employees confirm their commitment on compliance with the Code of Conduct annually and renews the training every two years
  • 2025: 100% of all partners are committed to the Code of Conduct