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Sustainability risk management

The objective of risk management is to ensure the realisation of the Group’s strategy and secure its financial development and the continuity of business. Proactive action is one of the purposes of risk management. Its other purposes include creating operating conditions where business risks can be managed comprehensively in all Group companies and at all organisational levels.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the risk management of the Olvi Group, as well as the internal control of business operations. The audit committee assesses the sufficiency, appropriateness and efficiency of risk management, as well as the key risk areas. Executive management is responsible for defining and implementing the risk management principles in line with the Group structure.

Several sustainability-related risks are related to our business operations. We have identified these as part of strategic, business, financial, and compliance risks. Sustainability risks are assessed in connection with risk assessments.

In 2023, we focused particularly on the development of information security and sustainability risk management processes. In terms of sustainability, we carried out a human rights impact assessment pilot project. In 2024, the sustainability assessments in all group companies will focus on human rights assessments in particular, and we will continue to carry out the biodiversity assessment launched in 2023.

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