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Corporate culture

Management and supervisory work, competence development and common ways of working are important aspects of Olvi Group’s corporate culture. The Group’s success is supported by inspired and motivated employees, which is why we seek to maintain a positive, innovative and agile  corporate culture. A positive attitude is our way of working and responding to challenges.  Innovation keeps us abreast of the times – or even ahead of the times. Agility is related to local presence, organisation and self-direction. Effective teamwork and independent decision-making play a key role

We have many practices and operating models in place that support our corporate culture. We operate in line with our values, determine and communicate our strategy, and invest in the  development of employees, operations and operating models. We encourage our employees to participate in operational development, which is supported by our continuous development  approach based on the Lean principles. Employees are also encouraged to make suggestions for operational development.

In 2022, we are continuing our work to determine our corporate culture and identify aspects that are important for its development and fostering.