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The world’s unforeseen times because of COVID-19 virus have increased the demand of hand disinfectant remarkably. To help people, The Helsinki Distilling Company and Cēsu Alus started to produce hand disinfectant in their factories.

In Finland, The Helsinki Distilling Company started to help Finns by producing hand disinfectant in March. The Helsinki Distilling Company produces around 10,000 bottles and 5,000 liters of disinfectant in a week.

“We decided to use our know-how and our distillery to produce disinfectant that everyone needs. Our employees are proud to do this kind of a work and a product, which has a central role in this severe crisis,” comments Mikko Mykkänen, CEO and Master Distiller of The Helsinki Distilling Company.

Distribution of the product, “Helsinki Disinfectant”, started March. It is sold in selected grocery stores, pharmacies and through the wholesale of medicine, restaurant and office supply. Consumers can also buy the hand disinfectant from The Helsinki Distilling Company’s facilities in Helsinki.

5,000 bottles donated to public health care

Cēsu Alus started to produce hand and surface disinfectant in March. The company produced 70,000 bottles of disinfectant in the first batch.

“At a time when disinfectants were urgently needed, we wanted to contribute and ensure the availability of disinfectant in Latvia, using the expertise of our specialists and strong laboratory base,” tells Eva Sietiņsone, Chairman of the Board of Cēsu Alus.

Part of the volume of disinfectants produced – 5,000 bottles – were donated to Cēsis Clinic, Vidzeme Hospital and Cēsis Branch of the Emergency Medical Service.

“We wanted to thank the medics for their contribution and hard work in the public health care. We also provided disinfectants to our employees.”

Hand and surface disinfectant “Sanitizer Forte” can be bought remotely at the online store of Cēsu Alus, with home delivery throughout the territory of Latvia. The product is also be available in retail stores.

Published 19 May, 2020