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Case: Education on responsible choices

In May 2019, Cēsu Alus provided more than 200 young people with education on responsible choices at its ‘Be Independent!’ event. The event was held at the Liepāja State Technical School for students of the grades 9 to 12 from the Kurzeme region.

At the event, the young people listened to thought-provoking presentations by a psychologist on working with young people with substance dependence, for example. After the presentations, the speakers and the young people participated in a panel discussion on finding motivation, achieving goals and maintaining mental health.

During the second part of the event, interactive workshops were held for the young people. They created information posters about addiction, took a quiz on the consequences of alcohol dependence, and discussed its prevention.

Over 1,600 Young People Educated

“This event was an opportunity to talk with the teens in a relaxed and open environment. I hope that the teens did not only gain inspiration, but also some valuable insights on these serious issues,” says Agita Kārkliņa, Communication Manager at Cēsu Alus.

In 2019, the event was organized in cooperation with the Liepāja State Technical School, Liepāja Student Council, the Youth House of Liepāja and Liepāja Children and Youth Centre. Cēsu Alus has organized the ‘Be Independent!’ project since 2012 and educated more than 1,600 young people.

Published 24 April, 2020