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Case: Renewable energy and reduced use of plastic

A. Le Coq is focusing on reducing its environmental footprint and using materials more efficiently. Beginning in 2020, A. Le Coq will use 100% green energy in its production plants and warehouses.

“Green electricity is essential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and fight climate change,” says Tarmo Noop, CEO of A. Le Coq.

A. Le Coq has also decided to invest in a biogas plant, which will be deployed in 2021. The plant will produce biogas from wastewater. The biogas will reduce the need for natural gas by 11%.

Multiple Actions to Reduce the Amount of Plastic

To reduce its use of plastic, A. Le Coq will introduce new multi-pack carton for beer during 2020. The new packaging will replace plastic shrink foil, and will reduce the need for plastic by around 25 tonnes annually. The company is focusing on further optimising the use of plastic packaging.

“This is a continuous process. We have reduced our use of plastic by several tonnes by reducing the weight of each plastic bottle by around 0.5 grams since 2016,” Tarmo Noop explains.

Published 24 April, 2020