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Responsible consumer information

Product labels and the companies’ website provide consumers with clear product information. Ingredient lists and energy content are provided for most of our products. Also, allergens are provided for all products. With the help of product labeling, every product can also be traced all the way from raw materials to shops.

Almost all of the Group’s packaging containing alcoholic beverages included warning labels at the end of 2022. New Group companies have not yet added the labels to all products. The target is to have the warning labels in use in all companies in the coming years. The warning labels indicate that you must not drink alcohol if you are underage, pregnant, or driving a car.

In 2022, we continued to harmonize the information that we provide on our websites in different countries about responsible consumption, declaration and nutritional information, as well as the composition and recycling of packaging materials. We closely monitor feedback from consumers on our products via various channels and we develop our operations based on this.

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