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Occupational health and well-being

One of our main goals is to ensure employees’ working capacity, health and well-being throughout their careers. We are continuously developing our ways of working and our work environment to promote smooth and productive work and eliminate health risks and hazards.

We plan the work, the machinery and equipment used, as well as the work environment and circumstances, so that they do not cause physical or mental health risks or hazards to our employees.

We measure occupational health and working capacity by monitoring sickness absences. Our goal is to reduce sickness absences year-on-year.

Supporting Well-Being and Leisure-Time

We take care of our employees’ well-being at work to ensure their physical, emotional and social welfare. Olvi’s occupational safety programme supports the capacity of personnel, particularly in areas where work pressure increases the need for mental and physical protection. The organisation of work and substitute arrangements ensure that absence does not result in increased stress on those remaining at work.

We also support leisure-time sports and activities through personnel clubs. The Olvi Club provides Olvi employees the opportunity to gain shared experiences, develop themselves and have access to recreation in the Olvi spirit through arranging positive leisure activities.

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