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Optimising our water usage

The production of beverages is a water-intensive industry. The sustainable use of water, like other natural resources, is a key guiding principle for our operations and targets. Olvi Group seeks to reduce its water consumption per litre produced.

In 2023, 2.8 litres of water were used per litre of finished product, which is at the same level as in the previous year. We are constantly working to make water use more efficient, and we have made great progress in this every year.

Therefore, in 2023, we set a new Group-wide target of less than 2.5 litres of water per litre of finished product by 2030.

More efficient use of water and a smaller environmental load

To make our water use more efficient, we invest in the continuous development of production planning. We optimise our water consumption by paying attention to washing, detergents, planning and technical equipment solutions.

By developing washing solutions, we can also affect the amount of wastewater and the chemical and nutrient load. We are also looking for ways to increase water recycling and reuse within the plant or process without compromising high hygiene standards.


Minimising water consumption also in the value chain

In the future, we will invest in water management throughout our supply chain, which is also reflected in our partners’ Code of Conduct. Water-related aspects will be part of our work to protect biodiversity.

In 2024, we will review in more detail the impact on nature and water associated with the production of our raw materials and packaging materials in particular, so that we can develop our value chain in a more sustainable direction.

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