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Sustainable procurement

For Olvi, sustainable procurement means taking into account the environment, people and the surrounding society. Reducing the environmental impact and climate emissions from the supply chain and its materials is one of the most important common development efforts.

We also strive to ensure the realisation of human rights and good working conditions in the supply chain. The role of primary production and sustainable farming conditions, sourcing areas, the sustainability criteria for materials, and the impacts of climate change and biodiversity on raw materials are also becoming increasingly important.

We choose responsible suppliers of raw materials and other materials. The sustainable product criteria will also affect suppliers. The quality of materials from suppliers is always ensured. We use local suppliers as far as possible.

Code of conduct for suppliers and partners

Olvi Group’s shared procurement principles and operating models are defined in our procurement policy. Suppliers are selected based on predetermined quality criteria. We prefer long-term agreements, which guarantees a solid base for stable and close cooperation in the development of responsibility, for example.

Our partners commit to compliance with our ethical operating methods. Our Code of Conduct for Partners is based on the Group’s Code of Conduct, which was updated in 2023.

By the end of 2023, the updated Code of Conduct had been signed by 52%, and the old one by 97.2% of our contract partners for raw materials and packaging materials. Our goal for 2024 is for 100% of our raw material and packaging material suppliers to have committed to the Code of Conduct. We also want 100% of all our suppliers to commit to the Code of Conduct by 2025.

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